CBD oil has gained popularity among humans and animals. The natural benefits of CBD are not only beneficial for humans but it also responds positively to animals. This is because pets also have endocannabinoid system that helps in regulating the mind and body so that they function properly. Most researches on CBD have been done on animals majorly mice and rats, so it can be said that it is effective on animals as well.

Companies sell dog oil and pet treats that contain CBD oil. It is said to calm their mind and body during panic attacks and anxiety. Cats frequently get panic attacks which can be easily taken care of with the help of CBD treats. Recent study has shown that CBD is beneficial for dogs. It helps in reducing anxiety, seizure, pain, and inflammation in dogs.

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Benefits of CBD oil for dogs

  • Pets often experience body pain because they jump around and hit objects frequently this can also lead to surgeries, fractures, and injuries. CBD oil works as a painkiller to reduce pain not only in surgeries or injuries, but also in chronic pains due to any chronic disease.
  • CBD has anti-inflammatory property that helps in reducing swelling, pain, and inflammation. It improves the response of the immune system to various physiological issues.
  • Pets also face anxiety for many reasons like traveling, thunderstorms, loud noise, separation, etc. sometimes due to anxiety pets try to jump out of the window, hurt others or run away. The oral consumption of CBD oil on a vet’s prescription helps in reducing anxiety ad panic attacks.
  • CBD also has an anti-oxidant that helps in any kind of skin issue. Lack of nutrition, skin allergy, or ticks can often trouble your pet, but CBD oil topical improves the skin conditions.
  • As pets age, their bones become weak and they also become lethargic which further increases various other problems in their body like arthritis. Applying CBD topical and consuming orally CBD can help in reducing bone and joint pains.
  • CBD may help in shrinking the tumour size in an animal’s body. Cancer like breast cancer, leukaemia, brain and spine tumour, lung and colon cancer have shown positive results with the help of CBD.
  • CBD helps humans with the after-effects of chemotherapy, so it does the same with pets. Nausea, vomiting, decreased appetite, weight, dehydration, and fatigue, but CBD reduces the side effects.
  • Many pets are aggressive because of which they are returned to the vet. These symptoms can be possessiveness, defensive, protective, social, frustration, pain-induced, fear, etc. but CBD helps in calming the mind and body so that any kind of phobia or aggression can be controlled easily.

Remember, your pet will not be able to explain their problems or any side effects due to any medicine. Speak to the vet first before starting CBD dosage for your pet.