CBD has been made legal in the last few years, but there are slight differences between THC and CBD. CBDA is cannabidiolic acid that has been a recent discovery in the field of cannabis.

Further, CBDA is the acidic chemical to CBD. It is found in high concentrators in raw cannabis. It is converted to CBD through decarboxylation, which is exposure to sunlight or any other light.

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What is CBD?

CBD is a cannabinoid which is a naturally occurring compound in the hemp plant. It is available in tiny quantities that live in cannabis plants. CBD is getting a lot of attention concerning health benefits.

Differences between CBD and CBDA

  • Consumption method

The CBDA is found only in raw plants and flowers so, juicing natural cannabis is the best consumption method. It can be a bit bitter but adding sugar does the work. CBD occurs only with decarboxylation, where the CBD is first exposed to heat. CBD is available in so many forms like lotions, oils, capsules, tinctures, etc.

  • Formation of both

The acids are formed. First, that leads to CBDA formation that comes from the cannabinoid’s stems. There are various enzymes included in the branches that help to cause conversions. CBDA is occurring naturally in the plants.

CBD doesn’t happen naturally. It occurs through the decarboxylation method. The CBDA is heated at a temperature of about 270oF. The process helps to convert inactive CBDA into CBD for producing its benefits.

  • Health benefits

Both the products are top-rated among people that deal with healing properties. Secondly, The best way to consume CBD is through gummies, tinctures, oils, etc. The decarboxylation method is not very known in CBDA. CBD helps in improving general wellness in people.

CBDA is yet to get any attention from the community. Further, the true potential of the acid is not yet known. Using both the products together gives maximum potential benefits. But it would help if you never consumed without a doctor’s consultation. It’s best to talk to a doctor before trying any health products.

  • Availability

CBD products are found everywhere, but CBDA products are not found everywhere. The demand for medical cannabis is high in the US. But the farmers don’t target producing CBDA in the markets. Raw cannabis found in CBDA is challenging to be found.

  • Working of both

CBD and CBDA don’t react with the central receptors in the endocannabinoid system. But they hit the indirect targets to keep the body healthy. Further, CBD reacts with pain, depression, and anxiety. And it also helps in improving bone density and blood pressure.


Both are useful in their terms. But it’s better to consume CBD because it is available in the markets. It is not in the raw form of providing various health benefits.