Organic information can be confused with nutrition facts, ingredients lists, certifications, and other pieces of information. It is important that you understand what organic actually means to make informed decisions and ensure the highest quality products.

Organic plants are grown and processed using federal guidelines. They include soil quality, pest and herb control, and the addition of additives. Organic producers make use of natural substances and other biologically-based farming techniques to the fullest extent.

Organic crops must have grown in soil that has not been treated with prohibited substances during the three-year period prior to harvest. Most synthetic fertilizers as well as pesticides are considered prohibited substances.

What benefits does “full spectrum” cbd oil have over cbd isolate or broad-spectrum?

Ambassador products are made with the entire hemp plant, even the flower. Full-spectrum is simply the term that contains all the naturally occurring cbd in hemp plants. But that’s only part. However, products with full spectrum contain other components like terpenes.

But what about THC. THC is existing in trace quantities in cbd products. However, it is not sufficient to produce any psychoactive effects. Ambassador Cbd products that are derived from hemp and contain 0.3% THC have had their product lab tested twice.

How many mgs of cbd is in the bottle what do you pay per milligram cbd in a bottle? There are a few tincture bottles with 30ml that contain only 25mg cbd.

It is important not only to check the mg/ml but also how much cbd total in the product. You can see the price for the entire active ingredient of our products. In a 30-ml bottle, you can find our 33mg/ml cbd concentrate, which has 990mg. Our 50mg/ml cbd concentrate has 1500mg.

Has a third party independently tested the product?

We at ambassador go to great effort to ensure that our farmers and processors follow the best practices. Each of our products is tested twice. One at the origin and one when it arrives here in the u.s. By an independent third-party testing laboratory. This confirms that the product contains no pesticides. The lab results will include information about which cannabinoids are detected and how much of each cannabinoid was found in the laboratory sample. We make all test results available via qr code on every product to encourage transparency. The results can be found here.

How is the oil extracted safe methods or use potentially harmful solvents

Co2 is presently the hygienic, most accurate and environmentally friendly abstraction method. Ambassador reduces the likelihood of products being contaminated by co2 extraction. Here’s how co2 extraction works across our product line:

Rionegro – co2 extraction works at lower temperatures and has been shown to preserve the plant’s cbd and terpenes. It’s also great for the planet! Co2 can also be recovered from natural gas and recycled, which reduces waste. The environment is not at risk if co2 is emitted during extraction. There is no risk for users because the extracted extract is pure and solvent-free.

Medellin – A destilados THC medellin process is used in order to selectively concentrate desired compounds while removing all impurities. This gives rise to a clear and pleasant tasting liquid. The distillate contains organic mct oil to make sure that the THC content remains below 0.3%. This ensures compliance with federal and state THC regulations.