Although many teens are applying for a learner’s permit as soon as their 18th birthday approaches, many drivers on our roads still don’t hold a valid driver’s license. There are many reasons that you need to obtain your driving license. It could impact your social life and make it harder for you to transition from teenager to adulthood. Continue reading for more information about why you must get your driving license.

Be Recognized as a Licensed Driver

Your driver’s licenses primary objective is to inform the authorities that your license was obtained and that you are legally allowed to drive. A police officer will ask for your driver’s license if you are pulled over. You may be charged with a violation of the traffic laws.

Notifying law enforcement personnel of your driver’s license is the most important function of your license. First, it will tell police officers and state troopers that you have been granted a driver’s in your state. Second, your driver’s certificate will allow them to verify that you are allowed to operate motor vehicles on public roads. Without it, you can’t drive a car on public roads.

You Can Use It As An Official Personal Identification:

An I.D. will be required for you to submit. A personal I.D. is required to verify your identity. Your driving license can serve as this document. An internationally accepted proof of personal ID is a current driver’s license. It shows your picture and contact information. Officials can then cross-check it to verify identity.

Sometimes you will need to prove who you are to open an account, write a check, use a credit card or debit card, enroll in school, apply for government benefits, and so on. Your current driver’s license displays your contact information as well as a photograph that officials can match to the person who presented it.

Officials can identify you if an emergency occurs:

In the event of an accident, you can keep your driver’s certificate in your wallet to make it easier for the officials to find you. They will be able to locate your family members and inform them about your injuries much easier if your address and name are visible on the license. Hospital staff can use your driver’s license information to start the admission process.

When you are injured or in a wreck, you can call first responders. Family members will be able to locate and contact you to inform you of your injuries. For admission, hospital staff can use information from your driver’s permit.

Are you an organ donor?

This is the official answer. Look for the universal donor symbol on your driver’s insurance to find out if you can donate your organs.

Lost and Found

Find the owner of your wallet and purse to determine if it has been lost.

If you are not yet licensed to drive, we can help you book driving lessons. We’ll give you a thorough driving course, and then help you prepare to take the test. In this way, you can easily get your driver’s permit in a matter of weeks.

Mirrabooka driving lessons can help you develop good driving habits and lower your car insurance premiums. Driving lessons will increase your chances of having a clean driving record and a low rate of insurance. You could save up to 30% on your car insurance if you haven’t filed a claim for a while.