1. Leg Suit

A leg suit is a leg-hugging swimsuit that would suit any leggy lass. This stylish suit is ideal for swimming and aqua aerobics. It is also comfortable and chic. This leg suit is a great way to show off your style and charisma.

Best for body type: Women with Hourglass bodies can choose leg suits. This swimsuit can be worn by long-legged beauties, and they look super cool on the beach.

Trending Design: The racer-back style, which is a cross-back design with a racerback, gives off a sensual appearance. Solid shades, particularly black, would also look great.

Available as Fabric: The finest fabrics are spandex (elastane), nylon, and polyester.

Advice: Hourglass can select halter neck style leg suits for women.

  1. Sling Swimsuit

The sling swimming suit is also known by the names sling bikini, sling thong, and suspender trikini. It is a very attractive and bold style. The slingshot swimming suit is designed in a Y shape and will make you stand out among the crowd.

Best for Body Types: If you have a rectangular shape, the sling swimming suit is perfect for you. It gives the illusion that there are curves.

The Trending Color: Deep colors, fringes pattern sling swimming suit, ring slingshot.

Available In Fabric: Spandex, Polyester, and Polyamide is the most desirable fabric.

Advice: Wear this bold swimsuit with confidence.

  1. Ruffle Swimsuit

Ruffle swimsuits bring a flirtatious feel and can even be fashion-forward. Ruffles are great for smaller breasts and would give a woman a more busty look.

Best For Body Type: Those with a smaller upper body and more concentrated fat in their lower bodies should opt for the ruffle-fashioned swimming suit. You can choose any style, one or two-piece, but ensure you pick an underwired, structured top that would fit your small bust.

Trending Style: The most fashionable patterns are the colorblock and printed plunging neckline tops paired with solid shade bikinis bottoms.

Available in Fabric: Ruffle swimsuits generally come in spandex and nylon.

Advice: Avoid pear-shaped shorts or printed hipsters.

  1. Bandeau Swimsuit

Bandeau swimsuits reflect a tropical look and are a great pick for Goa beaches. This swimsuit is suitable for mid-bust women. However, women with small breasts must steer clear of this style. Your vibrant and energetic side would be revealed by a color-block bandeau.

Best For Body Type: Women who are blessed with a beautiful hourglass figure can elegantly sport a bandeau swimming suit. Hourglass ladies are the most attractive and attractive in swimsuits. You’ll look beautiful in any style of swimsuit.

Top Trending Pattern: Many trends will enhance your swimsuit, including color blocks, tropical prints, and neon shades.

Available in Fabric: Comfortable fabrics include spandex and lycra.

Tips: Avoid mixing and matching styles. Instead, choose a halter-neck swimsuit. You will have a more balanced body if you choose a matching set.

  1. Top-Bottom set

For women who don’t like showing their skin, but want to experiment with swimsuits, this is the perfect suit. However, some trendy top-bottom sets are popular and loved by every beach babe.

Best for Body Shape:

Apple-shaped women with an upper-body that is heavier than the lower can wear the top/bottom set. If you are wearing this swimsuit, it will bring attention to your sexy legs.

Trending Color: You can flaunt your beach style with tribal prints, floral prints, or monotone.

Available as Fabric: nylon spandex. lycra. Polyester

Information: Top-bottom sets are different than bikinis, so choose carefully. You can achieve a flattering look by choosing a matching set, as they are very much in fashion.

  1. Three-Piece Pool suit

All girls will love this three-piece swimsuit. It is chic, glamorous, and stylish. For those who don’t feel like showing off, the three-piece swimsuit offers versatility and innovation.

Best for Body Types: Anybody shape will look great in a three-piece swimsuit. Women with fuller, curvier thighs may prefer the sarong, three-piece style swimsuit. But, those with apple and round bodies can opt for the kaftan, three-piece style swimsuit.

Trending Style: Boho Print, Floral Print, and Polka Dot are the hottest swimsuits.

Available in Fabric: spandex. Polyamide

Information: Choose exotic prints and mesh net style to create a trendy look.

  1. Burkini

The burkini, aa swimsuit that’s specially designed for modest Muslim women and who wants to enjoy the beach like every other woman is an innovative fashion change in swimsuit fashion. This trend is also being adopted by non-muslim females who want to prevent suntan.

Best for Body Types: This suit would work well with any body type, but it is ideal for curvy women.

Trending pattern: printed, polka-dot and ikat printing are all high-end patterns that are well worth your investment.

Available as

Fabric: Italian polyamide and poly knit fabrics can be used to make burkini.


Burkinis completely cover the body so it’s best to choose lightweight fabrics that can be worn in the sun.

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