Cbd, also known by its abbreviation, is being suggested as a treatment that can help dementia sufferers manage their symptoms. While there is currently while there is no evidence to suggest that cbd can cause, reverse or prevent dementia, there has been research that suggests that cbd may help manage symptoms. This could be a great opportunity for seniors and families that are struggling with the effects. We will discuss cbd, and show how cbd can be used in seniors’ care for alzheimer’s.

What is cbd?

Let’s first look at cbd. It comes from the la ferme du cbd, also known as the hemp plant. The plant is dried then the resin extracted. This compound includes two parts: tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol’s (cbd).

Is the recreational version of cannabis?

Cbd is medical cannabis that is generally used to reduce inflammation and improve mood. It is not legal at some places. It doesn’t have any potential for dependence.

This distinction is important, as cbd doesn’t give off the same high that THC does. Cbd is known to have antianxiety properties which can help control behavior and promote calm. Cbd is also the main component in medication for epilepsy.

There are several ways cbd can be administered. It can also come in pill forms, or as an inhalant.

What are the cbd benefits for seniors with dementia?

A lot of people use cbd oil to relieve anxiety, insomnia or pain. Cbd has been shown that it reduces anxiety and agitation. Therefore, it may be able to help seniors with dementia.

A senior may feel anxious or agitated in daily situations due to the effects of dementia on the brain. Sometimes, this can escalate into violence. Be aware that these behavior changes are not the fault you’re loved-one, but the disease. Cbd could help with these symptoms.

Justcbdmagasin further indicates that cbd may also prove to be of assistance:

  • Reduce inflammation
  • Reduce oxygen buildup
  • Stimulate the brain & reduce the decline in memory and other brain functions

Let’s examine how cbd could benefit each of those areas.


Injury is your body’s natural response. This might be because you are used to seeing inflammation around a wound or cut. But neuroinflammation can also cause dementia. Alzheimer’s disease, for instance, can lead to the brain accumulating clumps proteins. This can cause the brain to become less efficient over time. As a result, your body may react with inflammation to the area. This could make it more difficult for your brain to make connections. Cbd could reduce inflammation and aid in the treatment of dementia.

Oxygen buildup

Oxygen buildup is linked with inflammation in brain. The oxygen in brain tissue expands. Therefore, the more inflammation you have, the more oxygen you get. As oxygen is released more often, the brain loses its functionality. This can lead a brain decline or memory loss. For seniors with dementia, oxygen can also be released when the body feels stressed. Cbd may be able to help with stress reduction and lower the negative effects on oxygen in the brain.

Memory/brain function

As dementia progresses the brain tissue actually begins to die, and function is lost. This can happen slowly or quickly. Cbd was found to have promising results in helping patients suffering from dementia with memory loss and brain function decline. Cbd may stimulate the brain to preserve brain connections and help seniors delay the effects.