You may want to renovate your commercial building to make the offices in it look attractive for customers. Then you may want to paint it. To paint a commercial building, there are various things you need to consider. How do you get the right commercial painting contractor? How much will a commercial painting project cost? What issues will I likely encounter when painting my commercial building? Will the commercial painting project disrupt the businesses in my building? Many things have to be considered with a commercial painting job. The following 7 tips will help you overcome these challenges.

1). Look for the right paint contractor

To find the right contractor, you can begin with the search querycommercial painting companies near meon the internet. Once you get your results, you will make a selection of three or more contractors. You will then evaluate these pre-qualified contractors on their services, estimates, experience, past work experience, customer satisfaction, reviews, and so on. The aim of all of these is to choose the most suitable contractor with the right amount of expertise and capability to carry out your project.

2). Scheduling and budget

As soon as you have the right contractor to handle the painting of the project, you should then think about the project schedule and budget. The schedule and budget of the commercial painting project depend on the size of the commercial space. You will have to consider a total breakdown of the cost. You will need to get the details of the cost of painting all spaces in square meters. You will also factor in labour costs. For the schedule, you should talk to the contractor to know when the painting project will be concluded. This will help you plan how to move the business in the building to avoid disruption to the activities in the building.

3). Select the right paint colour and paint finish

You have to select the right colour that will match your branding needs and the expectations of your customers. Be sure to choose the colours that match your brand and logo designs. The contractors usually have colour schemes and cards that can help you with your choice. In terms of the finishing, you might want to go with something that your employees and customers will be happy with. Several work-specific paint finishes are suitable for commercial buildings.

4). Inform all staff and your customers

Since you are going to be painting over your place of business, you might want to inform all employees. As for the customers, informing all of them will not be possible. This means that you will want to put all measures in place to ensure that they are catered to. You will have to explain all delays and inconveniences to them if the painting project disrupts any of your operations. For retail stores, ad shopping malls, physical signs and safety direction signs will help inform all customers and keep them safe during the project.

5). Follow strict safety standards

Besides informing your customers and employee, you will want to put additional safety measures in place. Any negligence could cause injury to people and would lead to lawsuits or endanger your business.

Ensure that you choose non-toxic paints which would not disrupt the activities of customers and employees. Many commercial paint products are suited for such projects. While the painting is in progress, you should be around to ensure that their work is progressing as planned. Ensure that the contractor follows all safety procedures.

6). Perform a comprehensive walkthrough of the commercial building

Right before you begin the project, you should conduct a walkthrough with your chosen contractor to ensure that you both agree on the work and costs. This walkthrough will be used to ensure that you both agree on the final work costs and schedule. This will help you give your employees and customers on when the commercial building will fully be back in operation after the painting project.

7). Ensure minimal disruption to business operations

Whether your business is the owner of the commercial building you are in or you own a commercial building with various business tenants, you will want to ensure that the painting project has little effect on business operations in the building. This means that you should plan and implement effective business continuity measures to ensure that operations proceed as usual with the lowest possible disruption.