In the modern era, Keratin hair treatment is getting more popular due to its benefits. If you need to get beautiful hair, then you can choose the Brazilian Keratin Treatment Surry Hills. With the improvement of the beauty sector, there is a lot of hair treatment, but keratin is the best one for curly hair.

The Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment was developed in 2005 that is expensive than other treatments. However, it is worth the money because this treatment smoothes the cuticle of the hair. The effect of this treatment can last for three months. Keratin is an important protein that is present in human hair. Keep on reading the article to know more about Keratin Treatment.

Keratin Treatment – What is it?

Keratin is the family of the tough structural protein that makes up the nail and hair. The protein is less in textured hair that can lead the frizz. Instead, the chemical procedure in the professional coat hair strands with the protein makes them shine. Various kinds of keratin treatments include the hair follicle and injecting the porous areas, making the hair stronger.

Chemical locks the keratin chain into straight lines that leave the hair smooth and straight. If the hair product is applied to the curly hair without touching the scalp, the hair is flat-ironed. According to the hair thickness and length, Brazilian Keratin Treatment Surry Hills can take anywhere between two to five hours.

Guide to make the hair last longer 

If you have done the keratin treatment, you must follow the salon professional guidance. However, if you maintain the hair properly, it can last for an extended period. Followings are some tips on Post-treatment keratin treatment.

After the treatment, you can wear the hair down for the first few days. Keratin is malleable that puts hair up in the bun, and it can leave behind the issue. A person can soften the hair ties to tie up the hair after a few days. Never tie the hair for an extended period.

Water and moisture can cause the hair strand to reduce the protein treatment. It can make the hair porous to curly and leave the mark in the straightened hair. After the hair treatment, you can avoid washing the hair for two or three days. You don’t swim, and physical activity that affects the hair.

Utilize strong detergent-free hair products such as sodium Laureth sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate and others that strip the natural oil hair.

After the Brazilian Keratin Treatment Surry Hills, you can use a flat iron and blow dryer to straighten tresses. Keratin weight will maintain the hair properly, so you no need to utilize the hair products such as mousse, sprays, root-lifting sprays, gel and others.

After three months, you can go for reapplication as the keratin hair treatment begins to wear off. The cost of treatment can differ based on the salon you have chosen. This treatment aids the protein to achieve the hair follicle. In addition, you can use hair masks to keep the hair manageable and silky.