Protein is a very important macronutrient in our diet. Without it, our bodies struggle to form new tissues, especially muscles. It won’t happen regardless of how much you are working out in the gym.

You may stand at the risk of losing your lean muscle mass if you are not taking protein adequately in your diet. To compensate, taking protein powders is the best choice. However, not all protein powders are the same and we must learn to find those that have a high concentration of quality protein sources without containing unnecessary ingredients such as sugar and additives.

If you are looking for genuine whey sources on the internet, you can check out the 8X whey isolate from the MYO band. This protein is derived from the milk obtained by grass-fed cows and contains 82% protein by weight. The protein is rich in BCCA and low in its lactose content. It is thus a wonderful post-workout drink that can substantially increase the growth of new muscle cells when combined with weight training.

Protein powders – Which is the best?

Based on the sources, there are mainly 3 types of proteins available:

  1. Whey:
  • It is a quick absorbing resource of protein obtained from milk.
  • It is an absolute protein containing good content of BCCA.
  • It is also the least expensive of all 3 protein sources.
  • Because of fast absorption, it is an ideal way of making protein a part of your pre- or post-workout meal.

2.   Casein:

  • It is a very slow-digesting source of protein derived from milk.
  • It does not aid much in muscle synthesis as desired when the goal is to supplement a gym routine.
  • However, it is ideal to consume it before bedtime so that it gets released overnight to keep you full and to assist the repair processes in your body.

3.  Soy:

  • As the name suggests, it is derived from soy milk.
  • With a high concentration of isoflavones, this source of protein is generally not recommended because of its ability to increase levels of oestrogen.
  • Only consume soy protein if you are allergic to milk products after consulting with your doctor.

Apart from this, proteins are also sold based on their protein concentration such as:

  1. A whey concentrate will have more fat and carbohydrates, dropping down the overall concentration of protein in it.
  2. Whey isolate is the most recommended whey powder because of its high protein content.
  3. Whey hydrolysate is a powder in which the protein is already broken down and is used for extremely fast absorption of protein.

Before consuming any whey protein powder, check the label for any sugar or sugar substitute additives. Try going for unsweetened versions because artificial sugar can irritate gut bacteria. Also, look out for the ideal BCCA ratio and third-party laboratory certification seal to ensure your product is well tested for quality.